Goodyear Ulta Grip Ice WRT (Light Truck)

by Robert Green on January 12, 2014

Fountain Tire | Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT (Light Truck)

Ultra Grip Ice WRT Light Truck

With innovation and a dedication to customer service, we at Fountain Tire Quesnel are able to match you with the perfect tires for each job. Fountain Tire holds a close relationship with Goodyear, resulting in the ability to present a variety of tire selections for various weather conditions. One of these tire options includes Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT (Light Truck).

As winter graces us with its tricky to navigate road conditions, Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT (Light Truck) tires work to offer advanced tread technology for improved traction. You are able to rely on qualities such as the specialized ice tread compound and optional metal studs, offering enhanced traction on ice and snow-covered roads. Start and stop with ease, thanks to the two-dimensional blades in the centre zone, which increase control on snow and ice as the three-dimensional treadlock technology blades in the shoulder zone further wet and winter traction during cornering. Confidence is realized as the directional tread pattern works to channel water and slush away from the tire for a boost to handling.

Drive with peace of mind as you embrace the Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT (Light Truck) tires, which are eligible for the Highway auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty. Through a combination of innovative thinking and advanced technology, experts in the field work to ensure that you are driving on the best tires possible. Take your winter driving concerns to Rob Green, store manager of Fountain Tire Quesnel for a holistic approach to driving and tire selection.

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