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My career with Fountain Tire started in late 2006; I went to Fountain Tire Quesnel to have my winter tires put on. Being that it was busy-season the company was hiring and I was offered a job. I went to work everyday with the intention to do the best that I could do. With my “never say no attitude,” I quickly made my self a valuable asset. While at Fountain Tire I saw many co-workers with a poor work ethic come and go.

After working with Fountain Tire for just over 5 years, an opportunity presented itself for me to move up within the company. On July 1 2012, I moved to Vanderhoof, B.C. with my girlfriend and two dogs to start a new journey, saying good-bye to my friends and family. At the time, my favorite part of my job was helping customers who were stranded on the side of the road. I have always felt that any customer is just as important as the next.

When I relocated to Fountain Tire Vanderhoof I assumed the role of Assistant Manager where I still had the opportunity to help people. Although I don’t help as many people on the side of the road as I used to, I do enjoy helping customers choose the right tire or pick out custom wheels. I have always felt that I bring a positive energy to the team. As the years have gone on I have feel that I’ve fallen into the role of a mentor, training most of the new employees that came through the doors at Fountain Tire Quesnel, and training the employees at Fountain Tire Vanderhoof.

In August of 2015 another opportunity presented itself to advance in the company. To my surprise the opportunity was back in Quesnel as my previous employer and store owner, Kelly Edye was going to be relocating within the company to a different store. After carefully weighing the opportunity, my girlfriend and I decided to sell our home in Vanderhoof and move back to Quesnel. Many of my co-workers from Quesnel are still at the shop and it has been a privilege to work with them again, and to see the familiar faces of our customers.  On June 1, 2016 my role in Fountain Tire changed once more as I transitioned into the role as the Manager of Fountain Tire Quesnel. I am grateful for the leadership and mentorship from Kelly Edye, advancement in management opportunity in Vanderhoof headed by Phil DeVries, and the many, many supports and trainers from head office. Thank you, all.

I’m a local to Quesnel but was born in Holberg, B.C. on Vancouver Island. My family worked on the CFS Holberg military base which no longer exists. Part of my childhood was spent in Courtney B.C. where I attended Puntledge Elementary School. In 1994 my family moved to Quesnel, B.C. where I spent the rest of my childhood, met life long friends and my girlfriend. After graduation from Quesnel Secondary School, I worked a few different jobs before landing one with Fountain Tire. Having been part of the Quesnel community for over 20 years it is very important to me that I support local businesses because it is local business that supports me.

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read my bio and I encourage you to pursue great employment opportunities with Fountain Tire.

Robert Green, Manager
Fountain Tire, Quesnel B.C.

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