Air Miles Rewards

Fountain Tire Quensel

As a network of local storeowners, Fountain Tire aims at delivering innovative business solutions that are grounded in integrity. They have been working with loyal customers for 60 years to help with all driving and maintenance needs and are dedicated to finding a solution that works for you.

Success is achieved as Fountain Tire continually delivers options that meet the needs and desires of specific customers. One of these options is through their collaboration with the AIR MILES® Reward Program. This program allows you to earn reward miles on your everyday shopping, so that you can spend your money on the things you need, and redeem your reward miles on the things you want. Through the AIR MILES® Reward Program, you are able to collect points on your Fountain Tire purchases, including tires, custom wheels and automotive services. Also eligible for miles are commercial truck tires, farm tires and retread purchases.

Earnable Rewards

  • Get 1 Mile for every $20 spent on Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly Passenger Tires and Mechanical Services.

  • Get 1 Mile for every $20 spent on Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly Commercial Retreads and Farm Tires.

Whether you are equipping your vehicle for a changing season, replacing worn out tires, or indulging in delightful upgrades, Fountain Tire Quesnel has you covered, as we offer you an opportunity to collect rewards through the AIR MILES® Reward Program.

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