Goodyear Ulta Grip Ice WRT (SUV/CUV)

by Robert Green on February 15, 2014

Fountain Tire | Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT (SUV/CUV)

Ultra Grip Ice WRT

Take on winter in the Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT (SUV/CUV), our best winter tire yet. Through a close relationship with Goodyear, Fountain Tire Quesnel is able to help you find the perfect tires for your lifestyle. Within the large selection of tires available are the Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT (SUV/CUV), allowing you to take on the season with capability and control.

Drive in winter conditions with confidence with the Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT (SUV/CUV) tires. Through specialized ice tread compounds you are able to engage with enhanced traction on ice and snow, lasting from season to season. Helping to make up these durable tires are innovative 2D blades in the centre zone, bringing enhanced stopping power and starting ability on icy and snowy road conditions. In the shoulder zone, 3D Treadlock® technology is able to increase wet and winter traction by locking together as you turn. You are also given a directional tread pattern that helps to channel water and slush away from the tire to increase traction. Avoid accidental damage from hitting the curb with the rim protector, looking out for you and your tires. For those wanting further protection, these tires come outfitted for optional metal studs so that you can tackle the most intimidating of climates.

Make informed and reliable decisions as you partner with Fountain Tire Quesnel and Goodyear for optimal traction and support in a variety of weather conditions. For wintery and unpredictable conditions, the Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT (SUV/CUV) tires are able to bring you reliable control as they embrace advanced science and technology. They are also eligible for the Highway auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty, offering you peace of mind. Come visit Robert Green, Store Manager of Fountain Tire Quesnel and find the perfect solution for all your tire concerns.

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