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Stock Up on Air Miles | October 24 – December 15

by Robert Green on October 24, 2016

Air Miles
Are you an AIR MILES Collector? From October 24th until December 15th 2016, now is the time to stock up.

Get 750 AIR MILES Bonus Miles when you purchase a set of four select Goodyear All-Terrain Tires including the Wrangler TrailRunner, Wrangler All Terrain Adventure with Kevlar®, Wrangler Fortitude and the Wrangler DuraTrac. Speak with Robert or Mike at Fountain Tire Quesnel for details!


GoodYear Endurance ST Trailer

by Robert Green on July 27, 2016

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 1.53.29 PM

 Tow with confidence thanks to GoodYear Endurance ST Trailer tires. Available at Fountain Tire Quesnel these tires deliver long lasting strength and durability as you take on each day with assurance.

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Tire Installation

by Robert Green on November 15, 2015

Tire Installation

Here at Fountain Tire Quesnel, we do much more than just put your new tires in place. We offer proper tire installation to help you drive with stability and confidence as well as to increase the lifespan of your tires. [click to continue…]


Dunlop Grandtrek AT20

by Robert Green on June 15, 2015

Dunlop Grandtrek AT20

Experience comfortable and luxurious SUV driving with Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 tires. Through advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, Dunlop tires offer an increase in grip, handling and driving excitement. Fountain Tire Quesnel is proud to offer Dunlop Goodyear tires as well as a team of dedicated tire technicians that are committed to providing you with outstanding customer service. [click to continue…]


Fountain Tire | Goodyear Assurance Tripletred (all season tire)

TripleTred All-Season

Fountain Tire Quesnel is dedicated to ensuring every customer leaves with a smile and that’s why we work at going the extra mile when it comes to all of your tire needs. Through our close relationship with Goodyear, we are able to offer you Goodyear Assurance Tripletred all season tires, the best all-season tires for traction in changing weather conditions. [click to continue…]


Fountain Tire | Dunlop Grandtrek AT21 (all season tire)


Redefine your tire experience with the Dunlop Grandtrek AT21 all season tires. These M+S rated tires provide you with an all-season tread design, preparing you for everything your year brings. These tires are made with different rubber compounds, as well as provide circumferential tread grooves that work to push water away from the footprint, resulting in unparalleled wet traction. With the incorporation of 5-Pitch Technology, you are able to enjoy a peaceful ride as these tires aid in the reduction of noise. Peace of mind comes forward with every drive, as these tires are eligible for the Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty. [click to continue…]


Goodyear Ulta Grip Ice WRT (SUV/CUV)

by Robert Green on February 15, 2014

Fountain Tire | Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT (SUV/CUV)

Ultra Grip Ice WRT

Take on winter in the Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT (SUV/CUV), our best winter tire yet. Through a close relationship with Goodyear, Fountain Tire Quesnel is able to help you find the perfect tires for your lifestyle. Within the large selection of tires available are the Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT (SUV/CUV), allowing you to take on the season with capability and control. [click to continue…]


Goodyear Ulta Grip Ice WRT (Light Truck)

by Robert Green on January 12, 2014

Fountain Tire | Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT (Light Truck)

Ultra Grip Ice WRT Light Truck

With innovation and a dedication to customer service, we at Fountain Tire Quesnel are able to match you with the perfect tires for each job. Fountain Tire holds a close relationship with Goodyear, resulting in the ability to present a variety of tire selections for various weather conditions. One of these tire options includes Goodyear Ultra Grip® Ice WRT (Light Truck). [click to continue…]