Giti Comfort 229 Run-Flat

by Robert Green on May 27, 2016

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Experience the power of a job well done with the stunning Giti Comfort 229 Run-Flat tires. Available at Fountain Tire Quesnel, these tires offer a range of impressive qualities as they deliver confidence and comfort to drivers everywhere.

Giti Comfort 229 Run-Flat tires present remarkable durability and wear performance. They offer driving stability when the tire is punctured for up to 80 Kilometers after complete air loss. These tires also deliver the luxury of performing with low noise! Take on a variety of weather conditions with these versatile all-season tires as you enjoy a balance of comfort, control, safety, and mileage. To top it all off, these incredible tires come with a modern look and a smooth driving feel.

For all your driving needs, turn to Giti Comfort 229 Run-Flat tires as you set the bar high and expect nothing but the best. For more information on these tires and more visit Fountain Tire Quesnel and ask for store manager Robert Green. We are eager to help get you on the road with tires you can trust!

Robert Green
Fountain Tire Quesnel

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