Exhaust System

by Robert Green on March 3, 2016

Exhaust System

Keep your engine breathing easy with exhaust system maintenance at Fountain Tire Quesnel. We are here to help keep your vehicle running the way it is supposed to, lengthening its life and offering you peace of mind.

A healthy exhaust system is essential to a healthy vehicle and with the available auto service at Fountain Tire Quesnel you are able to ensure that your vehicle’s exhaust system is functioning properly. An effective exhaust system is able to reduced engine noise, reduce emissions as well as increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Some symptoms to watch for when determining if your exhaust system is in need of some maintenance include:

  • Check engine light is on
  • Lack of power when you accelerate
  • Ticking or rattling noise
  • Smell of exhaust in your vehicle
  • Vehicle backfiring

For all your exhaust system maintenance or other vehicle needs, come visit us at Fountain Tire Quesnel, on two mile flat, where we are happy to provide you with outstanding service. As you keep up on vehicle maintenance, you will be able to drive with confidence.

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