Battery & Electrical Services

by Robert Green on October 15, 2015

Battery & Electrical Services

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, preventative measures are always a safe bet. If you are having difficulty starting your vehicle, you may need to have your battery looked at. Come down to Fountain Tire Quesnel where we get your vehicle off to a good start through our battery and electrical services.

When it comes to starting your vehicle, your vehicle’s battery is what provides the initial charge. Once your vehicle has started, the alternator takes over to power the electrical system. If you notice any issues with your electrical accessories, including your radio, lights or heating and ventilating system, this could be an indication of a battery issue.

Symptoms to watch for include:

  • Battery light is on
  • Accessories weaken or hesitate to function properly
  • Vehicle fails to start or is slow to start

At Fountain Tire Quesnel we provide a dedicated team of technicians to help you with all your vehicle maintenance needs as we work to diagnose and solve the problem. Bring your battery and electrical needs to Fountain Tire Quesnel as we work to satisfy every customer need with integrity. Request an appointment today!

Robert Green
Fountain Tire Quensel

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