Fuel System Services

by Robert Green on May 15, 2015

Fuel System Services

In order for an engine to run smoothly, your fuel injection system must be in good shape. Fountain Tire Quesnel is happy to offer Fuel System Services, where our dedicated team of technicians works to ensure your vehicle is running the way it was designed to.

As it moves fuel from the tank to the engine, the fuel injection system allows your vehicle’s fuel to combust and create energy to power the engine. Over time your vehicle may begin to perform inadequately due to a collection of deposits in the fuel system. Some symptoms to watch for include:

  • Difficulty starting your vehicle
  • A lack of power when you accelerate
  • Poor fuel mileage
  • Chugging/sputtering while you are driving or idling

Through its Fuel System Services, Fountain Tire Quesnel offers inclusive maintenance for your vehicle’s fuel injection system. An increase in fuel efficiency and engine performance can be expected when the deposit build-up is removed from the combustion chamber, throttle body, plenum, air-intake system, fuel injectors and valves.

Fuel System Services are just one of the many ways in which Fountain Tire is able to help you with regular vehicle maintenance. Come down to Fountain Tire Quesnel, located on Two Mile Flat, and allow us to find a solution that works for you!

Robert Green
Fountain Tire Quensel

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