Toyo Open Country C/T

by Robert Green on February 15, 2015


For driving on or off road in winter driving conditions, turn to Toyo Open Country C/T all terrain, all weather, light truck tires. With an ability to combine winter performance with commercial-grade durability and traction, these tires go the extra mile with extreme endurance.

Modern resilience has been built into each tread of the Toyo Open Country C/T tires as you experience optimum traction in all off-road conditions including dirt, gravel, mud and snow. Elevate your highway driving experience as these C/T tires enhance stability and offer a quiet and comfortable ride that exceeds expectations.

Featuring a brand new natural rubber blend these tires balance cut/chip resistance without compromising durability, tread life or wet/dry handling. Deep grooves and stone projectors help to increase traction and dislodge stones that hold the potential to penetrate the tread as the deep sips work to increase wet and snow traction.

Enhanced control in snow and mud is offered through the dual-angular shoulder blocks and aggressive sidewall and buttress design. Thanks to the extra tough 3-ply high turn-up construction of the tires, you are given remarkable bruise resistance. These tires have also been pinned for #15 studs for extra stability and control on ice and snow.

For outstanding winter performance and a tire that exceeds Transport Canada’s snow tire standards as indicated by the “3 Peak Mountain Snowflake” symbol, Toyo Open Country C/T tires prepare you for everything. Come visit us at Fountain Tire Quesnel where our team of dedicated tire technician’s work to provide for customer needs with integrity.

Robert Green
Fountain Tire Quensel

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